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Upcoming CPD Workshops

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    Sand Tray Training

    10.00am – 4.30pmThe Wilbury Clinic

    Saturday 22nd October 2022

    10am – 4.30pm

    Cost: £120

    Earlybird discount: £100 for payments received in full before 30th August 2022

    To Book please Email:

    Using the sand tray as a therapeutic tool within an integrative approach


    Workshop description:

    This introductory workshop is aimed at counsellors and psychotherapists interested in using the sand tray within their therapeutic practice.

    The course is open to qualified counsellors / psychotherapists. Trainees will be considered, dependent on experience and if they are in personal therapy.

    Course content includes:
    ·        An introduction to working with the sand tray and theoretical underpinning
    ·       Opportunities to experience working with the sand tray in practice – as ‘client’ and ‘therapist’
    ·        Strategies for working with and exploring the sand tray image
    ·       A guide to questioning techniques to support the work
    ·        Opportunity to reflect on, share and discuss learning and insights

    Sand tray work :

    Clients choose from a range of miniature figures and objects, and arrange them in the sand. The sand tray provides a controlled space to express and explore emotions and life issues. Once feelings are organised and externalised in this way, they can be viewed and reflected on from a distance, enabling the integration of inner and outer worlds. Talking or playing with the therapist, the client can explore relationships, make connections and explore new possibilities.

    ‘ Sandplay is hands on psychological work. It is a powerful therapeutic technique that facilitates the psyche’s natural capacity for healing. In a “free and protected” space provided by the therapist, a client creates a concrete manifestation of his / her imaginal world using sand, water, and miniature objects’. (C.G.Jung).

    Like other forms of image-making, sand tray work provides a means of accessing the client’s inner world, through the imagination; by-passing the rational-logical mind. Different to painting or drawing – it involves using concrete objects which can be moved. It is an expressive and dynamic approach. Symbols are not interpreted by the therapist, the meaning belongs to the client. The therapist’s role is to facilitate the client’s deeper understanding and expression.

    Trainer biography:

    Catherine is an Integrative and Transpersonal Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, trained at The Institutue of Psychosynthesis, IATE and the Sesame Institute. In her private practice she has worked with individuals, couples and children. She is an experienced teacher, trainer and group facilitator. Her approach to training is interactive and flexible. She aims to combine delivering a core objective with space to be responsive to participants needs.

    Trainer: Catherine Bishop UKCP, emcc.

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