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If you’re a therapist wanting to keep inspired and informed you’ll find our CPD events are of a high standard.

The trainings are in small groups of 8 – 10 participants, providing an intimate and relaxed learning experience.

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Upcoming CPD Workshops

  • Sat
    10am - 4pmThe Wilbury Clinic

    CPD Training for Therapists
    Saturday June 2nd 2018
    10am - 4pm

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    Going through a gender transition is a process that has an impact not only on the person directly involved but also those emotionally connected – family members, partners, friends. That is a common knowledge. However the way of providing support is mostly addressing either side of the process – there are workshops concerning transgender people run by facilitators with life experience, and there are workshops concerning the “affected others” delivered by someone who has gone through the process of being “an emotionally involved witness”. In both instances only one voice is being heard and represented, creating a chasm of possible misunderstanding of the other.

    Aris and Anna offer an innovative approach to understanding the gender transition process:

    -        By applying assumptions of systemic family approaches they present a view  of the gender transition as an event happening in the space between the people, and affecting each and all of them in a specific way. They believe that it is important that everyone within such a “transitioning space” is heard and understood.

    -        Their workshop – regardless what audience it is presented for – offers both voices: that of a transitioning individual represented by Aris and that of a “witnessing parent” held by Anna.   As therapists they had a unique opportunity to use their individual experience to understand what might be the need of people like themselves in terms of support, challenging prejudice and lack of knowledge about the whole process.

    Meeting Aris in a workshop, Anna first hoped that she met a potential therapist for her transgender son who will understand his experience. Then she realised that friendship with Aris became a hope for her that a good ending is possible. For Aris, meeting a parent whose process and response to their child’s transition is so different from his personal story, has been encouraging and healing. It also helped him understand and empathise with his parents’ difficulties along his transition.

    Their reflections  brought both an idea and mutual encouragement for creating and promoting this workshop, which is intended to inspire, educate and reassure that even the most difficult life events can be an opportunity to strengthen our relationships.

    The Trainers:

    Anna Jezuita

    Counsellor and Mindfulness Trainer, MBACP accred.

    Anna originally qualified as a Barrister in her native Poland, then changed career direction when she moved to the UK 18 years ago.  She gained her postgraduate diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (Integrative) at the University of East London in 2003, complemented by Diploma in Clinical Supervision in 2016.

    Anna has worked in a wide range of environments including family support services and drug rehabilitation programmes and has continued to deliver lectures at Warsaw University over the years.  She has been in private practice for over a decade and offers a range of interventions to individuals, couples and groups, offering counselling, mindfulness training and relationship reconciliation.

    During the past six years Anna has been running a service for families of people suffering from addictions which allowed her to understand the ripple effect of events within a family and how everyone involved has to undergo through their own process of recovery. That experience and insight proved invaluable in supporting herself and her family through the process of gender transition of her 16 years old son.

    Aris Papaefstathiou

    Trainee Counsellor and Project Manager, BACP student member

    Aris is a trainee counsellor, currently in his 3rd year of the BA Person Centred degree at Metanoia Institute. He is originally from Greece and has been living in the UK for 19 years.  In his placements so far, Aris has worked mainly with trans identified clients. He has co-facilitated Trans Awareness CPD training days for therapists at The Wilbury Clinic, Hove and is passionate offering perspectives to therapists to enable them to enter the worlds of clients with diverse gender identities and experiences.  Aris started transitioning himself in 2014.

    He holds a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters degree in Water and Environmental Engineering and is currently working as a Project Manager. Aris has been also trained as a teacher in Yoga and Mindfulness.

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  • Sun
    10am - 5pmThe Wilbury Clinic

    Trauma Training for Therapists
    Sunday November 4th 2018
    10am - 5pm

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    sarah ketelaars-8824 (1)

    • Understand what Trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD is
    • Psychoeducation - Understanding the neurobiology of Trauma and how to incorporate it into the therapy
    • Safe Trauma Assessment including Trauma line
    • Using and teaching Safety and Stabilisation
    • Self care contracting
    • Processing trauma
    • Preventing Vicarious Trauma

    This day will clarify what “Trauma” actually is and how to recognise the signs of PTSD and complex PTSD (and what the difference is).

    There will be a thorough explanation of what happens in the brain in trauma responses and the importance of working safely with such clients by keeping them in their ‘window of tolerance’. You will learn how to offer psycho education to clients to help them normalise and validate that responses to trauma are normal reactions to abnormal events AND it is important to acknowledge their destructive potential when the traumatic event is no longer occurring.

    We will cover assessment and information gathering and offer a ‘tool box’ of ways to regulate your clients distress levels. You will come away with a clear self care plan to work effectively with clients.

    The ‘Trauma line’, will be introduced and experienced. This is a creative way of developing a time line of life events using the symbolism of string, rocks, flowers and night lights.

    Traumatolgist PG Dip

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