Working with Money

 Saturday 13th January 2024


The Wilbury Clinic

64 Wilbury Road



Fee: £100 10% discount for clinic users

To Book: Email:;  Call: 07989 621488

Mal Thompson is offering an experiential workshop for professionals who wish to understand their relationship with money.

 We will explore how the parental influences in our family system shape our feelings about the value of, and our relationship with money; in order to understand how introjected, internalised messages can shut down our potential and self-worth.

Bert Hellinger states: “Young children experience their bonding to their family as love and good fortune, no matter how the family nourishes or neglects them”

He describes the loyalty towards parental figures that we unconsciously hold on to as adults:

“The conscience that guards our bonding serves to maintain false beliefs, making it difficult for us to see and know and remember what it forbids. Bonding and belonging is necessary for our survival, and dictates what we believe, perceive and know.” (Hellinger, 1998)

Aims of the Workshop

Exploring Self-Worth and Family Culture:

How did the name we were given affect our self-worth?

What were the financial influences in the family system, held in the family culture?

How did we learn the value of money, was it shrouded in fear, what were the constraints, was there generosity or meanness?

If we are loyal to a parent who is struggling financially, what do we feel we deserve, do we feel we cannot outdo them?

What happened when we wanted something? What were the messages we were given?

How deserving did we feel? How deserving and valued do we feel now?

Develop awareness of unhealthy functioning around money, lack of self-care, addictive behaviours and thought processes, entitlement, risk taking

Learning Methods

 Experimental exercises for individual exploration and development of self awareness and working in pairs.

Where appropriate, a short constellation will be set up for a deeper exploration