Sunday 17th March 2024: Trauma Training for Therapists

This is a trauma informed training day for any Therapy modality to help underpin safe therapeutic work with trauma and avoid re-traumatising clients by going in too deep, too soon, without adequate resources to build upon or hold the work.

This is a 6hr training

Sunday 17th March 2024: Only 10 in person places

Or if you’d like to join online that is possible too

Cost £90, 9.30am – 4.30pm

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What does the day cover?

  • Understand what Trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD is
  • Safe Trauma Assessment including Trauma line
  • Psychoeducation – Understanding the neurobiology of Trauma and how to incorporate it into the therapy.
  • Using and teaching Safety and Stabilisation
  • Self care contracting
  • Processing trauma
  • Preventing Vicarious Trauma
  • Polyvagal Theory & Window of tolerance

This day will clarify what “Trauma” actually is and how to recognise the signs of PTSD and complex PTSD (and what the difference is).

There will be a thorough explanation of what happens in the brain in trauma responses and the importance of working safely with such clients by keeping them in their ‘window of tolerance’. You will learn how to offer psycho education to clients to help them normalise and validate that responses to trauma are normal reactions to abnormal events AND it is important to acknowledge their destructive potential when the traumatic event is no longer occurring.

We will cover assessment and information gathering and offer a ‘tool box’ of ways to regulate your clients distress levels. You will come away with a clear self care plan to work effectively with clients.

The ‘Trauma line’, will be introduced and experienced. This is a creative way of developing a time line of life events using the symbolism of string, rocks, flowers and night lights.

Feedback from Trauma Training for Therapists

“Very informative with detailed slides and plenty of time to allow for discussion / questions. Comfortable environment with a varied mix of people / experience. A must for anyone wanting to learn more about trauma with clear understanding and practical tips.”

”I have attended a number of trauma training workshops. This has been the most thought provoking and also the most beneficial in using to work with clients.”

“Superb course. really informative, but with such easy skills to use with clients. Really excited to integrate it into my practice. Would highly recommend to anyone working with trauma. Trauma! Feeling more confident with clients if they want to ‘go there’.”

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