The Imprint

 Designed and facilitated by Mal Thompson MA, UKCP reg.

 Saturday 8th June 2024

 9:30 – 5:30pm

The Wilbury Clinic

64 Wilbury Road



Fee: £115 10% discount for clinic users


This workshop focuses on how we experience the relationship with the self, deepening awareness of how we understand ourselves, our processes and the needs of our soul.

Traumatic events in infancy create a lasting Imprint throughout our life span. We re-experience and recreate our Imprint in all our relationships, defenses, decisions and coping strategies as we go through life.

As we are part of a family system, we can carry or process some of what is unresolved within that system. Generationally, the system strives to resolve, and if not, some issues are carried on.

Aims of the Workshop:

 We will explore the impact of trauma on the soul and within the body and learn how the mechanism of ‘splitting” supports personality structures used to survive and cope.

We will focus on the theme of the family system using embodied relational practice to bring awareness to, and relax rigid structures held in the body.

The Power of the Intention supports the clients wish for change, by exploring within a constellations group setting how the unconscious survival mechanisms operate in the face of childhood trauma.

Learning Methods:

 Experiential exercises for individual exploration and development of self- awareness. We will set up constellations for a deeper exploration of the family system.