Room Rental for Therapists

If you are a Psychotherapist or Counsellor, you will find our beautiful rooms are ideal for your private or group practice.


Rooms for Private Practice

  • 5 consulting rooms available to book
  • Free WiFi
  • Online booking system
  • Kitchen with tea / coffee making facilities, a fridge, and cutlery / crockery
  • Year round availability 8am – 10pm.

Group Space

If you are running groups or holding a workshop we have two large group rooms perfect for your needs. If you want ‘break out’ rooms it’s possible to book the whole clinic at weekends.

We can also help advertise your workshop by putting it on our website and in our newsletter. 

Room 1: Anchor


A spacious, warm room on the first floor with hues of oranges and greys. Comfortable wingback armchairs. 
Suitable for 1:1 and couples work. 
Desk provided for online working. 
Sandtray and objects available in the room. 

Room 2: Bay


A large, open, and spacious, warm room on the first floor with hues of oranges and teals.
Comfortable tub armchairs. There is also a sofa in the room, and access to more chairs behind the white screen. 
Suitable for 1:1, couples, families and groupwork. Comfortably seats up to 12.  
Desk provided for online working. 
Sandtray and objects available in the room. 

Room 3: Harbour


A spacious, warm room on the second floor with hues of reds and greens.
Comfortable tub armchairs. 
Suitable for 1:1 and couples work. Also available for small groups of up to 6. 
Portable foldable table desk provided for online working. 
Small sandtray and objects available in the room. 

Room 4: Dune


A spacious, bright room on the second floor with hues of blues and yellows.
Comfortable recliner armchairs, with access to additional chairs behind the white screen. 
Suitable for 1:1, couples, families and groupwork for up to 12. 
Desk provided for online working. 
Sandtray and objects available in the room. Plenty of additional storage for practitioners usage.

Room 5: Cove


A cosy, warm room with dormers situated on the third floor.
Comfortable deep armchairs. 
Suitable for 1:1 work. Potential to see couples in this smaller space if desirable. 
Portable foldable table desk provided for online working.
Objects available in the room for creative working. 

A waiting chair is provided just outside of this room to support clients to climb the stairs to the third floor in their own time. 

Team Room: Shore


A bright and spacious room for practitioners to gather on the third floor.
This is a space for therapists to meet, write notes, wait between clients, have lunch and generally relax before, after or between sessions. It is the community hub of the clinic. 

The room has access to a kettle, fridge, toaster and microwave. There is both dining table seating, and a comfortable sofa available. Therapists may leave belongings securely in this space, and/or items they wish to keep on site for their practice. 

This room also houses creative materials to support practitioners work. 


Rate: £9.00 – £10.00 per hour dependant on use 

We require a minimum of 3 hours room bookings per week (or 13 hours per calendar month).
Please note we are very supportive of new practitioners who are looking to build their practice and can negotiate these terms upon joining the clinic


£15 per hour for groups.
Our group rooms can accommodate up to 12 people very comfortably


We are able to offer whole day bookings on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in our group rooms. 

• £100 per day (flat rate with access from 9am to 6pm)
• Where you require extra ‘break out’ rooms alongside a large group room, you will be charged an additional £10 per hour per room for the hours needed 
• Should you wish to hire the whole clinic privately, this will be charged at £300 per day 
Please do contact us to explore your personal needs and see what is feasible for us to accommodate. 

  • 4 days notice for any cancelation
  • 4 weeks payment holiday per annum (in which the minimum booking requirement of 3 hours per week is waived)
  • Insurance and qualifications required following an informal chat
  • Complimentary website presence
  • Opportunities for CPD, workshops and training 
  • Wellbeing opportunities within the team 

There are various ways to connect with other therapists working from the clinic, including regular community events, CPD workshops and a private online forum. You can choose to opt in to the community offers, or alternatively make quiet use of the rooms to hire for your private practice. 

We very much welcome you. 


The Wilbury Clinic is a very special place to work from. The rooms are beautiful and the entire clinic has a very peaceful and healing atmosphere. There’s also a great supportive community created by all the therapists who work at the clinic. Thank you Vajralila and Sudakini for doing such a fantastic job at running the clinic.

Working at the Wilbury Clinic is a pleasure.  The whole place feels so welcoming, and the counselling rooms are really attractive, light, airy and comfortable.  My clients often comment that while the clinic is open and bright it also offers them a high degree of privacy.

I am enjoying being part of a growing community of professional and ethically committed counsellors and therapists who take a holistic view of their clients.  It’s good to know that my clients can benefit from a referral within the clinic or from the complementary therapies available.

As a newly joined complementary therapist to the clinic I have found it a lovely calming and friendly place to work, the feed back from my clients has been great, all saying to me how relaxed they feel as soon as they enter and the welcoming rooms are a lovely change from the usual treatment rooms usually found. The booking system is great, quick and so easy to use

I was lucky enough to start my private practice at the Wilbury Clinic. It’s a beautiful, calm space, clearly loved and gently held by Sudakini and Vajralila. As practitioners themselves, they understand the needs of therapists and clients really well and have worked very hard to keep evolving the space and how its used in every detail, from the choice of furniture to the books and courses on offer. The result is a set of rooms which are warm and inviting healing spaces in which both I and my clients have felt very safe and supported. The Clinic is a space I both have looked forward to working in everyday and felt grateful to have been part of.

I really appreciate being able to begin my counselling work at your lovely clinic, and it’s been the perfect first step. I’ve always felt proud meeting and welcoming my clients into the space you’ve created and that is no small thing. I hope I can create a similarly lovely space for myself going forward. I’ve also appreciated the light touch and warmth you’ve both had in dealing with me over the time, which again is no small thing in a place of work.

The Wilbury clinic is a positive and beautiful space for anyone in private practice. The rooms are very well equipped and decorated in a calm and warm style. The booking system is easy to use, and there is a good network developed between the other therapists to allow for making referrals to each other and sharing resources and ideas. The location is also very convenient for train and bus travel, and there is generally a good amount of relatively low cost pay and display parking outside the clinic.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working at The Wilbury Clinic. The rooms are all light, comfortable and furnished in a way which instantly makes both client and therapist feel at ease. Many clients have commented on the lovely garden view from the back rooms and how nice it is to be somewhere that feels so calm despite being so close to the centre of town. Both Vajrilila and Sudakini made me feel extremely welcome when I joined the clinic and were incredibly encouraging as my newly created private practice grew. Every therapist that I have met at The Wilbury Clinic has been lovely and they’re all very conscientious in creating a welcoming environment not only for their own clients but for all clients of the clinic. It has been a pleasure to work at The Wilbury Clinic and I will be very happy to return for training days in the future.

It’s clear to see that a lot of love, care and intention has gone into making the Wilbury Clinic a great place to practice. I think Vajralila and Sudakini embody these values. I was very sad to leave.