Sara Kirkpatrick

Sara Kirkpatrick



Specialisms: grief and loss, attachment and patterns in relationships, loneliness, low self-esteem (including inner voice/thoughts), anger, fertility issues, anxiety and trauma

Therapeutic Approach: Humanistic


Hello, my name is Sara. I work as a counsellor because I am passionate about supporting people to find more contentment in their lives. Alongside the specialisms above, key themes that recur in my work are:

  • Understanding and regulating emotions, for example becoming overwhelmed by intense emotions in certain situations, finding it difficult to identify or communicate feelings, or ‘shutting down’
  • Changing patterns in relationship, with ourselves and with others – for example the sense that ‘it’s happening again’ in connection with another person or group, but not knowing how to stop it. These familiar feelings may be with a partner, friend, family member or colleague
  • Loneliness, and difficulties in finding connection – anyone can experience periods of loneliness due to a change in circumstances such as relocating, a relationship ending, job loss, a bereavement, and we are all different in how much social contact we need. However, when there is an ongoing gap between how much connection we desire, and how much we have, we may experience psychological pain and chronic loneliness
  • Trauma – whether from a single event, several incidents, or a period of time in family or other relationship. Trauma may show up in a variety of ways, including intrusive images and thoughts; intense ‘triggered’ emotions such as anger, fear; physical sensations such as sweating, shaking, panic, stomach upset and pain; difficulty forming relationships, trusting, low self-esteem. Someone struggling with the legacy of trauma may have found coping strategies that are causing other difficulties, such as food / substance use, addictions or self-harm

Our sense of who we are and what has happened to us – the way we talk to ourselves inside, and the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves – can leave us with confusion, shame and low-self-esteem. I would like to explore this with you, because the relationship we have to our ‘self’ affects our fundamental sense of belonging, in our bodies and our lives, what we believe we can hope for or expect from others.

Qualifications and training

Before I trained to be a counsellor I worked in paid and unpaid roles in mental health peer support, a Women’s Centre drop-in, public access IT, learning support for refugees and asylum seekers, and supporting adults with learning disabilities and Autism.

My original training is Humanistic, which emphasises the human capacity for growth and development. I have also completed additional training in trauma, attachment, loss and grief, integrating art work, Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT), Lifespan Integration (LI), and in working with anger.


I work between 8am – 8pm Monday to Thursday, and 8am – 1pm Saturdays. I also offer online sessions via Zoom.

Professional Registration: BACP

Cost: Contact me to arrange an initial consultation. I don’t charge for these first meetings, it’s so we can see how it is to meet, and talk through what you’d want from the sessions. After this, my fees are £50 - £60 per session, depending on income. I am committed to offering some spaces at a lower cost when needed, please do ask me about this when you get in touch.

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