Paul Harrington

Paul Harrington


Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist

Specialisms: Stress related disorders, persistent pain, chronic health conditions, periods of change and transition, personal development.

Therapeutic Approach: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


As we move through life, from womb to adult, we encounter all kinds of difficult experiences. If we don’t have the capacity to process and integrate them at the time, then the body has to absorb and hold on to them in patterns of defence and compensation. These patterns are encoded physically, psychologically and behaviourally. This adaptive instinct often succeeds in the moment but in order distance ourselves from the pain of it all, we learn to block and disconnect from our authentic sense of self.

This is heart breaking for us and the stress of ‘holding it together’, using these old strategies is at the core of much of our pain.

In Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy the therapeutic relationship is everything.  We start from where you are, and gently shine a light on the path you need to take to find your way home.

We do this together by fostering safety, trust and space within the therapeutic relationship. We take time to become familiar with patterns that keep us bound and learn how to be present with them. We also work to find and become comfortable with our true selves, gradually cultivating the courage to be vulnerable again in the presence of another. This new understanding of how we organise ourselves fosters our sense of agency.

Agency is literally the path that allows us to see the patterns of our past illuminated with a new adult perspective that grows from self awareness; and with agency, we instinctively know how we need to shift to reconnect.

Working via the body is a vital part of healing. The body is the repository of our experience and it only ever expresses itself in the present moment. As we learn to become familiar with ourselves in a new way, the body begins to feel safer, more like home.

I hold a therapeutic space with warmth, ease and good humour. If you feel lost, lonely or in  pain, I would love you to get in touch.

I am a graduate of the University College of Osteopathy, Body College School of BDCST and i’m currently studying Hakomi, a model of Body centred psychotherapy.

Professional Registration: CSTA

Cost: £ 65.00

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