Oliver Bettany

Oliver Bettany

PG Dip

Humanistic counsellor and ecotherapist

Specialisms: Depression, Anxiety, Personal development, Existential crisis, Spiritual questions

Therapeutic Approach: Humanistic, Ecopsychological


Life is a journey rich with wonder but full of challenges. Sometimes we can lose our way on the road and need a guide to help us find our path again: someone to help us process our confusion, pain and sadness so we can find our way back to ourselves.

What’s brought you here? Stress? Anxiety? Depression? Grief? Anger? Addiction? Hopelessness? Separation? Loneliness?

If you’re thinking about counselling then I’m assuming you’re struggling with at least one of these things right now. Maybe with all of them! That’s okay. There comes a point for many of us when we just can’t handle things on our own anymore. We need help making sense of our lives, and our suffering.

Perhaps you’re ready to make some changes but you don’t know how. Perhaps something has happened which has turned your life upside down. Perhaps you simply want a different perspective on things.

We all have thoughts and feelings that we fear to share with our loved ones. Sometimes it just gets to be too much and we’re compelled to reach out to someone who is not a part of our everyday life but who understands and cares about us nonetheless. Until we’re ready to create a society which has this kind of care and understanding built right into its fabric, counselling provides an important and life-enhancing experience of support during the more challenging chapters of our journey through life.

Sometimes it’s simply a matter of knowing where to start, and then taking the first step. Maybe I can help with that.

Professional Registration: MBACP

Cost: £40 p/h

Email: ollie@sussexcounselling.space

Website: http://sussexcounselling.space

Mobile: 07935 571288