Nicola Stephenson

Nicola Stephenson


Integrative Psychotherapist

Specialisms: I have experience of working with: • Anxiety • Depression • Addiction • Abuse • Bereavement • Relationship Issues • Personal Development

Therapeutic Approach: Holistic and Integrative


My approach is based on a deep respect for your experiences and what they mean to you. It is also based on the belief that you have the right to determine your own path in life – however difficult or impossible that might seem, and however lost you may feel. it is a fluid and collaborative process which allows us to attend to whatever comes up for you during each of your weekly sessions, whilst also working towards more general goals.

I draw on ideas, skills and techniques from a wide range of theories and subject areas – most notably Attachment Theory, Philosophy, Neuroscience and Trauma/Body Psychotherapy. Key influences include the pioneering work of trauma therapist, Peter Levine,and neuroscientist,Stephen Porges. I have also been deeply influenced by retired physician,Dr GaborMate, who theorises that all humansuffering results, one way or another, from a disconnect from the self and that,in order to heal, clients need to reconnect to their own truth. In some sense, and to varying degrees, we have all been “traumatised”. The key to living well is arguably to learn how to overcome the trauma of your life.

With this in mind, my roleas your therapist is to gently guide you through a deep and honest exploration of your difficulties. The aim is to provide you with a safe and confidential space in which you feel comfortable enough to talk about the issues which trouble you – in your own words and at your own pace. Whilst doing so, I will help you better access and tolerate painful feelings. I can also help you re-frame your issues so that you can look at them in a more helpful light, and from a more compassionate angle. Over time this process will lead you to a greater level of understanding and awareness regarding your currentsituation and how you might change or improve it. This level of clarity usually comes as a huge relief. Having said that, it is a process which can take time – requiring patience, courage and commitment.

If you’d like to come and have an informal chat first – to see if we are a good fit – please get in touch. Introductory sessions are £30.

Professional Registration: UKCP, BACP

Cost: £65 for a 50-minute session. £70 per hour for couples. Introductory Session £30.

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