Maya Cockburn

Maya Cockburn

BA, FdSc, PGdipDMP.

Person Centred Counselling and Dance Movement Psychotherapy

Specialisms: I offer the space for exploration of a range of issues through person centred therapy and somatic creative arts in body/movement and art.

Therapeutic Approach: Person Centred; Movement / Somatic; Creative Art


As a person-centred counsellor and movement therapist I offer a warm, non-judgmental space in which I listen attentively and accompany you in the exploration of your story, feelings and any difficulties you may be struggling with. I believe you hold within you the potential for your own healing and I endeavour to create an atmosphere of trust in which you can explore freely in your own way and at your own pace.

Sometimes we don’t have the words to express our experiences and the use of a more embodied approach can help to bring deeper understanding of our confusion and emotions. This gentle process might be, for example, noticing what is happening within our body when we talk about something impactful in our life. Focusing on sensations and internal imagery has the potential for greater awareness and understanding of the feelings and thoughts beneath our words. I welcome working with issues such as lack of worth, loneliness, anxiety, depression, loss of identity, sadness, grief, anger, loss, regret, gender, spirituality and more.

I embody a gentle, authentic presence and whether you prefer purely talking therapy, working creatively or a mixture of both, together we will find a way to move forward to enable you to make the changes needed for a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

As a therapist, movement practitioner and artist I have over 30 years’ experience working therapeutically and creatively with people of all ages and abilities.

I offer both long term and short term sessions

Professional Registration: BACP, ADMP

Cost: £50 per 50 minute session. £20 for initial 40 min consultation

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