Maud Ray

Maud Ray

BA (hons) Psych, PGdip Humanistic counselling, Psychosexual Diploma (completion 2021).

Psychotherapeutic & Psychosexual Therapist

Specialisms: , Disability confident and LGBTQ inclusive, works with sexuality, intimacy and relationship issues, anxiety, anger management, trauma, pain management, depression, menopause-related issues.

Therapeutic Approach: My work is informed by Existentialist, Humanistic theory and principles, Zen therapy, Focusing, Body psychotherapy, Psychosexual therapy and psycho-physiology of trauma.


I am French-Italian and I have lived over half of my life in UK. I am multilingual, culturally aware and welcome clients from any cultural/sexual background and abilities. I am a 5Rythm dancer, a yogini, and practice meditation.

I have a wide range of clinical experience from both the public and private sectors with a background of over 12 years in the field of personal development, and 6 years in applied psychology. I have worked as a Psychotherapeutic therapist across a range of private and public sector (NHS). This includes counselling hospital staff, amputees and patients with neuro-psychological disorders.

I believe finding your therapist is like finding “that” pair of shoes – it needs to “fit”. The relationship you have together is pretty unique. Together we explore and delve into hidden parts of yourself you may not even be aware of. So, it is primordial for you to feel safe and connected with your therapist. Trust yourself – you will know when you find the right one for you. Do not feel discouraged or put off if the first one you saw was not quite right for you. Persevere – after all a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step (Lao Tzu).


I believe that the body and mind can be integrated, for both components are part of a whole, intrinsically linked together. Diligently, throughout our lives our body registers, consciously or not, what the mind experiences. As such, the body experience is an integral part of the clinical work I practice with my clients.

I am interested how becoming more present to our whole being and learning to live emotions healthily helps leading a more contented life. Together we work at integrating mind and body. This helps us to being able to cope differently with the existential givens of life, anxiety, love, death, ambivalence, disappointment, acknowledging our shadow side.


Sexuality is at the core of us, it involves body, mind and emotions and can be a tricky topic in life. Psychosexual therapy can help you undertake the journey that is finding what sexuality means for you, unlearn obsolete patterns, rethink misconceptions about sex and relationships; learn a healthier model of sexuality. You might have a problem with your sex life, issues with reaching orgasm or feeling pleasure, sex might be over too quickly. Sex might have stopped altogether. You may find that sex is affecting your relationships.

I offer a confidential, safe, non-judgemental space for you to explore your problem areas and whatever else is arising for you. I strongly believe there’s no ‘right and wrong’ when it comes to sexuality. No matter how you identify, what you are into, your relationship status or how you approach sex and intimacy. Following our initial discussion, I offer therapeutic options suitable for your specific starting point and dependant on previous experience of psychotherapy.

Consultations do not involve any physical examinations, or any sexual acts, but it does require you to openly talk about sexual feelings and concerns. It also requires a level of self-awareness. Together we work at finding a way through for you to understand your presenting issue better, and see what is the root cause of any difficulties. Sex therapy is not a passive process, it is co constructed process. All the work done in the therapy room is based on talking however and I may give you some homework between sessions. You will have to work with your mind and body, both as an individual and/or as a couple.

I subscribe to the COSRT Codes of Ethics and Practice and work from a sex-positive perspective.

I am registered with College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT, Student membership, completion 2021).


– Psychosexual/Sex Therapy with individuals / couples

– Sexology

– Issues with intimacy

– Rape/ Sexual abuse/ Sexual trauma

– Sex orientation or gender identity struggle/coming out

– Exploration of alternative to conventional intercourse

– Improving sexual communication

– Sex and ageing

– Issues with porn

– Exploration of alternative sexuality and relationship (Open relationships- Polyamory-  Kink- Fetishes)

– Body image

– Loss of desire

– dealing with difference in libido

– Difficulty with orgasm

– Involuntary ejaculation

– Vaginismus

– Erectile issues

– fear of sex or sex avoidance/phobias

Professional Registration: MBACP and CORST registered

Cost: I see couples and individuals. £60 per session of 50 minutes for individuals - £90 per session of 50 min for couples. If you require an extended, one-off appointment please call to discuss.

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