Mal Thompson

Mal Thompson

MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Diploma in Supervision, Adv Dip in Integrative Counselling, UKCP reg.

Gestalt Psychotherapist working with Individuals, Couples and Groups

Specialisms: Working with Trauma, Embodied Relational Practice, Dependency and Addiction, Training for Psychotherapists and Counsellors, Training in Group Facilitation, Developing and Designing Workshops Alcohol and Drug Dependency, Eating disorders, Addiction to fantasy, Sex Addiction, Porn, Gambling, Overspending, Overworking, Self-harm Love and Intimacy issues, Emotional and/or physical neglect, violence/abuse Chaotic and/or disruptive caregivers Illness, Death, Separation, Loss Confusion/shame relating to gender identity and sexual orientation.

Therapeutic Approach: In all aspects of my work, I draw on my experience in Family Constellations, Gestalt Creativity, Embodied Relational Practice I am interested in how dependency and addiction can occur as a response to trauma, and how a Gestalt approach can support recovery. Many addictive behaviours are responses to and coping mechanisms for, traumatic situations in early life experience.


I am a Gestalt Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Counsellor, Trainer and Group Facilitator and have been running my private practice for 25 years. I managed a local charity for 12 years, specialising in Dependency and Addiction. Alongside this, I held the position of Senior Lecturer on the BA in Humanistic Counselling at University of Chichester. I have been teaching, delivering and designing workshops since 1997.

I offer long term, psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups in both Brighton and London. During the pandemic I worked In Kenya and offer online therapy for those living overseas. I offer clinical supervision for professionals and trainees, individuals and groups. I also offer a short term, brief phase of therapy for those needing to focus on a specific problem or issue.

As a Gestalt Psychotherapist, I endeavour to work creatively and relationally to help you understand your processes, communicate more effectively and gain insight into your psychological difficulties and concerns.

Within the context of the therapeutic relationship, Gestalt therapy supports the exploration of past events and how they are experienced in the present.

I am interested in how much of our past experience resides in our bodies. Our life stories take shape in our earliest years and continue to develop throughout our life span. I believe mind, body and psyche are of equal importance, the focus is on the whole person.

In my work I focus on how traumatic events in infancy and childhood create a lasting imprint throughout our life. I can help with understanding how and why we develop specific personality structures that support us to survive and cope within our family system.

I have an interest in Family / Trauma Constellations work, and how at a soul level, we can become entangled with and loyal to, our family culture.

Qualifications and Professional Registration:

 I have an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling, MA in Group and Individual Psychotherapy and a Diploma in Supervision from the Gestalt Centre London.

I am registered with UKCP and subscribe to their code of ethics.


 Individual sessions last for 50 minutes and are on a regular weekly basis.

Couple therapy sessions last for 60 minutes. Depending on what might be helpful in the work, couple therapy can be long or short term.

My current fees are £80 for individual sessions and £95 for couples.

I receive regular supervision in order to support my practice and discuss my work. Client identity remains confidential at all times. All sessions are confidential apart from issues relating to safety.

I am committed to my CPD and regularly attend workshops, conferences and seminars to support my growth and interest.

Couple Therapy

 I work with couples in a dialogic and creative way, enabling each partner to experience feeling seen and heard, and to experience being with the other.

Session arrangements can be made to suit flexibility and need.

I can help with:

 Conflict, Communication Difficulties, Difficulties with Intimacy and Sexual concerns, Parenting, Money and financial concerns, Divorce and separation resolution

Clinical Supervision

 I offer individual and group supervision to psychotherapists, counsellors and supervisors, trainee psychotherapists and counsellors.


 Experiential Gestalt Group Weekend

Ongoing Therapy Group

Embodied Relational Practice Workshops

Dependency and Addiction from a Gestalt Perspective

The Impact of Addiction on Families

How to Develop Self Authority as a Therapist

The Imprint

Working with the Super Ego and the Super Ego Ideal

Professional Registration: UKCP

Cost: My current fees are £80 for individual sessions and £95 for couples.

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