Kate Gillhespy

Kate Gillhespy

BA (Hons), MA, HCPC registered.

Creative Arts Therapist

Specialisms: Children and teenagers, Anxiety, Bereavement, Parental separation, Social or behavioural difficulties, Developmental trauma (for example, a history of neglect or abuse), Attachment difficulties

Therapeutic Approach: Psychodynamic and psychotherapeutic using art, imagery, stories and play, as well as talking.


I have worked as a therapist since 2010 in schools, for charities and in private practice. I aim to create a gentle, creative and nurturing environment where children feel safe to express, share and reflect on things that are worrying or troubling them.

The sessions are planned to offer material to reflect relevant themes, but are led by the child. I always reassure children that there is no right or wrong way to be in the session and that all feelings are welcome.

A child will naturally communicate something of their experiences through play, drama and drawings and this can help them externalize, explore and eventually integrate difficult experiences. Creative therapy can be a ‘way in’ for children and teenagers to access feelings and experiences which can feel safer and less direct than relying only on words. However, for older children, they may prefer to use the time to talk.

Some outcomes may be; behavioural change (less outbursts of anger or crying), better emotional regulation (fewer reports of feeling sad or anxious), increased ability to identify and talk about their emotions, better sleep and better integration with peers.

I am in regular feedback with parents and carers to share the progress of the work and offer recommendations, where relevant, to support their child. Sessions run weekly during term time and range from 6-8 sessions to ongoing longer term work.

Professional Registration: Health & Care Professions Council, Arts Therapist, number AS14557

Cost: £45-50 per session; If you would like to meet me to discuss your child’s needs, an initial 30 minute consultation is free, so please be in touch by email with any questions at all.

Email: katecreativetherapy@gmail.com