Jayne Raven

Jayne Raven

DHypPsych, CertGOM, PractCertIEMT, BA(Hons)


Specialisms: IBS, Hypertension, Anxiety and Stress, Phobias and Trauma, Recovery from Abusive Relationships/PTSD, Self Esteem/Confidence, Menopause Problems.

Therapeutic Approach: Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Human Givens approach, Ericksonian Hypnosis.


I qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2000. Even today, I still get surprised and delighted by the results we can achieve together using the process of trance. And this is a natural state, familiar to us all – and has very little to do with ‘stage hypnotism’! Hypnosis is such an effective delivery system for psychological and physical healing that it can be applied to myriad needs, ranging from the purely physical (like anaesthesia) to the emotionally charged (like phobias). I use it with brief, solution-focused psychotherapy within a Human Givens framework. That simply means that in therapy, we work in the Now towards measurable goals, looking at ways to reconfigure problems, decondition painful obstacles to change, practise more skilful behaviours and putting it all in the context of how your needs are met in your daily life. This ensures that therapy doesn’t become an unproductive excavation into the past but utilises your resources to make things better now. I use trusted hypnotic techniques for deconditioning intrusive memories so that your anxiety, panic and general stress can be stepped down as you re-educate your mind and body into living in calm emotional stability. This is an exciting time for the study of the mind-body link and I try to keep up with the latest research in neuropsychology. Engaging the ‘dreaming brain’ in specialised hypnotic dialogue can facilitate radical, rapid and lasting change – fMRI scans are beginning to make it possible to see what happens during hypnosis and why it’s the natural and optimum learning state for new behaviours. C.G.Jung said that the ‘emotionally infused image is the primary organiser of the human psyche’, and it is precisely on this level that hypnosis works.

Professional Registration: Hypnotherapy Association, CNHC Reg., Guild for Trauma Specialists and Stress Managers, Guild for Gut Orientated Metaphor Therapists.

Cost: Sliding scale £45 - £70 per 2 hrs. Free first consultation (30 mins).

Email: jayne@ravenhypnotherapy.com

Website: http://www.ravenhypnotherapy.com

Mobile: 07933 892311 (voicemail - I will get back to you!)