James Fenner

James Fenner

BA (Hons) , PG Dip, MBACP Registered.

Humanistic Therapeutic Counselling

Specialisms: Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Addiction, Search for meaning, Overwhelming Emotions.


Everything is welcome and necessary. If we are to live full lives can we come to acknowledge, trust and honour all that we feel and experience without making ourselves wrong? Struggling to find meaning, feeling stuck or disconnected from ourselves and other people for whatever the reasons, can be an isolating experience. I offer a space to explore at your pace the issues that are of real concern to you.

Therapeutic change comes from inviting in the stuff we shrink away from, that makes us feel uncomfortable or scared. It is the process of getting to know the so called good and bad bits of ourselves that enable us to be fully functioning real people out in the world. Strangely, it is by becoming curious about why we are fearful, ashamed, depressed, addicted or angry that enables us gain control of patterns of behaviour that have been overwhelming. With this self-awareness we can begin to make responsible choices that work for us.

I work from a humanistic approach, trusting that within a safe supportive relationship we can all come to appreciate how our beliefs about ourselves and the world can shape our current experiences. Through a process of discovery and gentle enquiry we may come to know new ways of thinking, feeling and being that could at first seem unfamiliar but more authentic and meaningful to us. Although centred within the field of ‘talking therapies,’ I draw upon creative ways of working that offers you this embodied experience. Mindfulness, visualisation, breath, sound and body work, trauma education, and/or creative play may prove to be surprisingly important tools in supporting you through this chapter in your life. I provide a space for philosophical and spiritual enquiry.

I work with people who wish to focus on specific issues with an agreed fixed number of sessions or those who feel long term open ended counselling is more appropriate to their needs.

Professional Registration: BACP

Cost: I offer a free initial meeting to ask questions and see if you would like to work with me. I work on a sliding scale of between £35-£50 for a 50 minute session. I also offer 80 minute sessions for those who prefer longer.

Email: james@counsellinginmind.co.uk

Website: http://counsellinginmind.co.uk

Mobile: 07717 417029