Anne Marie Cussins

Anne Marie Cussins


Psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

Specialisms: I work with all emotional difficulties and also specialise in seeing people who may suffer from early deprivation which leads to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addictive and obsessional behaviour. I also work with relational problems and offer couple therapy.

Therapeutic Approach: Psychoanalytic therapy.


I’m a psychoanalytic therapist which means that we assume that some of the reasons for our thoughts, behaviour and feelings are not necessarily available to our conscious minds.

By being in a safe, unstructured space, and expressing more directly our feelings, a process begins where the therapist listens empathically, on a deep level, to what may be needing to emerge from the patient. The patient may then be facilitated by the therapist’s interventions and interpretations to make further associations.

This unstructured emotional space is a crucial feature, and akin to the “Freudian couch”, where a very particular, non-social relationship occurs between patient and therapist, and which is used as a mirror for insights into other close relationships.

The therapist is also a witness to the client’s reality which can, in some cases, have become confused during early care-taking and in family relationships.

My Personal Approach.

My approach is also informed by an understanding of developmental stages in the infant’s separation process from mother, and how it may be difficult to feel separate as an adult, or alternatively, that feeling emotionally engaged is just out of reach or causes anxiety. I also have  a feminist sensibility in my work with women.


Eating Disorders

I’ve treated bulimia, anorexia and over-eating for many years and have continued to develop my approach with the aim of achieving good outcomes.


For an initial consultation at which we can see if further, regular sessions could be arranged,

please contact me on my landline or at my email address.

Professional Registration: UKCP.

Cost: £60 for individuals; £70 for couples; a concessionary rate of £45 to £50 may at times be available.


Landline: 01273 205485.