Cost: £65
Trainer: Vajralila (Psycho-Traumatologist PGdip)
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This day will cover the importance of systematically working with Trauma which means ensuring a full assessment is made in the beginning, followed by teaching the client how to bring their distress levels down and then processing the trauma safely. The day will cover:

  • Assessing what kind of trauma you are working with and therefore what type of trauma intervention to offer.
  • Psycho-education: learning what’s happening in the brain in PTSD.
  • The importance of safety and stabilisation as well as tools to lower distress levels to avoid re traumatisation and work within the ‘window of tolerance’.
  • Processing trauma.

You will learn how to use the ‘trauma line’, a creative tool that uses wool, rocks, candles and flowers to depict the client’s journey as well as helping to organise the traumatic events in a way the brain can begin to process.


Trauma Training Testimonials

“Helped embed my learning as we did the experiential learning throughout the day. Would like a part 2. Plenty of opportunities for questions and answers in a relaxed learning environment. Will be recommending the training to others. thank you”.

“Really useful. Great to have a better understanding – aware of brain terminology but previously unsure of what it meant. Exercises and recourses helpful. Practical and will use in my work.”

“A clear structured day with a good balance of theory and practice – with tools that can be incorporated into our own practice. The right amount of info without being overwhelming. Very relevant, well held, Thank you.”

“I found the day very informative and empowering.”

“Overview of trauma and the brain really useful. Really found practical resources helpful and the concept of SUDs was new to me, great framework to use to monitor safe trauma work.”

“A helpful insight into what constitutes trauma and PTSD and the complexities of working with trauma sufferers. I found the introduction to the concert of SUDs and how to minimise risk of re-traumatisation particular helpful and it has helped increase mu confidence in working with traumatised clients.”

“Ive enjoyed the day very much. Very informative with creative ways of working with clients. A good mix of info and experiential work.”