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Transgender is a broad umbrella term (with very fuzzy edges) – we’ll be looking at issues with gender, sexuality, bodies, emotions, dysphoria, transphobia, diversity, language, identity – and how best to serve therapy clients who identify as trans (or who don’t, but may have all of this going on anyway).

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Trainers: Aris Papaefstathiou & Vajralila

The day will cover:

Looking at the the effect of being gender diverse in society. This will include the shocking statistics of suicide and depression in this client group.

We will introduce ‘The Genderbred Person’, an excellent model that explains how we all to often confuse sexual identity, gender expression, Biological sex and identity!

Explanation of terminology that clients may use and that if would be helpful to have an understanding of so that the client doesn’t have to educate the Counsellor. Such as: Gender Queer, Androgynous, Gender neutral, Asexual, Intersex….

Aris will openly talk about his own trans journey.

Exercises and video clips to highlight some key areas of difficulties for gender diverse people, to include, toilets, pronouns, stealth, passing, relationships, sexuality and gender, Prejudice and gender dysphoria.
Last years feedback included the following:

“A fantastic day – so much information. I didn’t want the day to end.
Really helpful to hear directly from someone who had been through the experience personally. Thank you for being so open. – Dawn

“The course has been very helpful with giving information on diversity of issues surrounding transitions and transgender. I feel that Ive learnt a lot from working with this client group. Ive enjoyed the balance between theory, listening and testimonials. Thank you for this great workshop.” – Catarina

“It was a good mix of delivery – educational and experiential. I especially liked Aris’ presentation and help able to discuss and ask questions without being fearful of making mistakes and offending him. It was really good, money well spent. – Sarah

“The course was extremely informative, well presented in an interesting way using experiential methods and various other teaching techniques. – Mary

“One of the best CPD course I’ve ever been to. Having a co-facilitator sharing their own experiences was the highlight of the day. Thank you

“This has been one of the most helpful CPD days I have attended for a long time. It was informative, well presented and good mix of presentation and experiential. Aris’ openness and generosity in sharing his personal story made the day memorable. I have come away with more openness, appreciation and empathy for transgender people. Thank you both

Aris is a trans-man, experiencing and exploring the challenges and rewards of transitioning through his own journey. He is currently training at Metanoia Institute and is a student member of BACP. For his clinical placement Aris is working mainly with transgender clients. Aris has been also trained as a teacher in Kundalini Yoga and Mindfulness. He holds a Masters degree in Water and Environmental Engineering. Aris is passionate about facilitating and offering perspectives to therapists to enable them to enter the worlds of clients with diverse gender identities and experiences.

Vajralila supervises Counsellors at LGBT Switchboard in Brighton and has many years experience in working therapeutically with LGBTQI Clients. She integrates her humanistic style of Counselling, trauma knowledge, shadow work and non dual perspectives into this work. She is interested in when labels can be helpful and affirming and when they become fixing and pathologising.