Trauma Training for Therapists

With Lea (Vajralila)

Sunday 19th June 2022

10am – 5pm

Cost: £95

Earlybird discount: £85 if booked before 3rd April 2022

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About the workshop

This workshop will cover:
• Understand what Trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD is
• Psychoeducation: understanding the neurobiology and biology of trauma and how to incorporate it into the therapy.
• Safe trauma assessment including trauma line.
• Using and teaching safety and stabilisation.
• Self care contracting.
• Processing trauma.
• Preventing vicarious trauma.

This day will clarify what trauma actually is and how to recognise the signs of PTSD and complex PTSD (and what the difference is).

There will be a thorough explanation of what happens in the body and the brain in trauma responses and the importance of working safely with clients using a Polyvagal lens. You will learn how to offer psycho-education to clients to help them normalise and validate that responses to trauma are normal reactions to abnormal events AND it is important to acknowledge their destructive potential when the traumatic event is no longer occurring.

We will cover assessment and information gathering and offer a ‘tool box’ of ways to regulate your clients distress levels. You will come away with a clear self care plan to work effectively with clients.
The ‘trauma line’, will be introduced and experienced. This is a creative way of developing a time line of life events using the symbolism of string, rocks, flowers and night lights.

The day will be a mix of theory and practice.

Who is it for?

The training is aimed at students and practicing counsellors / psychotherapists.

About the trainer: Lea (Vajralila), Traumatologist Pgdip

I trained 25 years ago in Humanistic Person Centred Counselling. I then for 5 years, moved into working with recovering addicts as a group and 1-1 therapist in Norfolk. It was then I began to gather tools to work with trauma; these tools also transfer beautifully to non trauma therapy.

Over the next 20 years or so I have been committed to further training aspiring to be as effective in holding the space for people to heal as I can. My toolbox of further trainings include, humanistic, Person centred counselling, NLP and Hypnotherapy, CBT, Traumatology and Lifespan Integration.

I have had quite a journey of integrating more directive and structured approaches into my ‘trust the client’ model without compromising either seeming pole. I have come to a place of using all perspectives as needed, like a dance, sometimes still and sometimes more active in response to what the client brings.

It is exciting times in the therapy world as so much is being discovered about the body mind system and the neuroscience behind effective therapy. My experience tells me that change only occurs when whole body mind insights happen. When it is really seen that the cost of staying the same outweighs the cost of change, only then can the old reactive ways of survival melt away.

Currently my main influences and inspirations come from Peggy Pace, Janina Fisher, Peter Levine, Tsultrim Allione and Richard Schwartz (Internal Family Systems) and Jung.

I am a senior accredited therapist, a qualified Supervisor and also one of the UK Lifespan Integration trainers. I also deliver continuing professional development trainings in Sussex and beyond.