Open Meeting in Truth with Ananta

Sunday October 7th at 3pm at The Wilbury Clinic, Hove.

3.00 to 5.00 p.m.

Only 15 seats! Prebooking & payment required ~ £15


Booking Questions ~ Jo-Ann:​

Ananta Kranti is an International Spiritual Leader who has, for over two decades, been guiding others in her retreats and Satsangs. Ananta had a profound Awakening which led to Self Realization while being imprisoned in a Japanese jail for almost 3 years, she  was released in 1997.  Ever since, her whole life has been given to integrating, living and sharing what is Realised.  She has a unique way to bring about Self Realization in those who are ready, through Direct Inquiry and transmission.
In this 2 hour Open Meeting we will drop into the deeper levels of our Being through guided meditation, following that is the opportunity for Q & A , deep exploration and transmission.