Cost for the whole course: £375 / £300 concessions.
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Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers suffer emotional abuse and mental abuse that is hard to validate as it may have never been questioned. Narcissistic Mothers teach daughters that love is conditional and only given when certain expectations from Mother are met. As adults, daughters of such Mothers report feelings of inadequacy, emptiness, fear of abandonment, a weak sense of self and often a tendency towards perfectionism. This course aims to help you:

  1. Recognise your own experiences of maternal narcissism and its effects on your life.
  2. Discover how you have internalised negative messages from your Mother and how this translates into trying to prove you are good enough, but never succeeding!
  3. Personalising your journey of recovery.

The Course will use the book ‘Will I ever be good enough?’ by Karyl McBride as a framework for the sessions. The group will be facilitated by Oenone Thomas and Vajralila, but with a strong emphasis on empowering the group to use the framework provided as a launch pad for the synergy of the group to work its magic. There will be 6-8 places in the group and will be led by 2 experienced facilitators to provide the safety necessary to make this a held space for the work. We ask all group members to commit to the whole course. Each participant will have an informal meeting with one of the facilitators before the course to ensure that it is right for you and that you have the appropriate supports in place to do the work.