About Us

The Wilbury Clinic is run by Lea (Vajralila) and Sudakini.

Lea (Vajralila)

I have long held a vision of providing a beautiful space that is light, spacious and surrounded with nature, in which a client’s healing process begins the moment they step in the door. I dreamt of a place that could meet people on all levels, including psychological, emotional and spiritual according to each individual’s calling. In 2014 such an opportunity arose and I’m delighted to be bringing this vision into being at The Wilbury Clinic.


I’m very pleased to be looking after such a beautiful space for therapies in Brighton and Hove. It’s a privilege to be part of co-creating this environment and participating in a community of dedicated professionals. Part of my role is welcoming new therapists to the clinic. I particularly enjoy witnessing how a private practice grows and hearing how much therapists and clients appreciate the space we provide.