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If you’re a therapist wanting to keep inspired and informed you’ll find our CPD events are of a high standard.

The trainings are in small groups of 8 – 10 participants, providing an intimate and relaxed learning experience.

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Upcoming CPD Workshops

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  • Sat

    The Impact of Trauma

    10am - 5pmThe Wilbury Clinic

    Cost: £120 (early bird £100, if paid by Friday 2nd June)

    To Book:  please Email:

    The Imprint

    Experiential and Theoretical Workshops

    Designed and facilitated by Mal Thompson MA, UKCP reg.

    Workshop 1 The Impact of Trauma

    Saturday 1st July 2017, 10am – 5pm

    Venue: The Wilbury Clinic, 64 Wilbury Avenue, Hove, BN3 3PY

    Fee: £120 (early bird £100, if paid by Friday 2nd June)

    This workshop is an introduction to a series of 3 workshops which focus on the experience of the relationship with the self, developing awareness of how we understand ourselves, our processes and the needs of our soul

    Traumatic events in infancy and childhood create a lasting Imprint throughout our life span. We re-experience and recreate our Imprint in all our relationships, defences, coping strategies and decisions as we go through life; eg. If we have experienced rejection, we will look for it, even expect it in all our relationships.

    Traumatisation can affect the child’s soul during or even before birth, and can occur throughout one’s life. The earlier the traumatisation takes place, the greater the effect it has on the individual’s development, therefore hindering the creation of healthy personality structures.

    In this first workshop, we will work towards an understanding of the impact of trauma on the soul and within the body, and how the mechanism of “Splitting” supports the personality structures we have used to survive and cope. The “split off” traumatised aspects of the self will not be available in our conscious awareness and may manifest as psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, addictive, avoidant or obsessive behaviours, isolation and/or physical illness.

    Workshop 2:  Embodied Relational Experience and Practice (date to be arranged)

    Deepening our exploration of ourselves in relation to our traumatised parts and becoming open to our experience within the group setting

    Workshop 3:  The Power of the Intention (date to be arranged)

    What we hope to work on and change as we connect with ourselves and the needs of the soul

    Mal Thompson MA UKCP reg


    Tel: 07989 621 488