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If you’re a therapist wanting to keep inspired and informed you’ll find our CPD events are of a high standard.

The trainings are in small groups of 8 – 10 participants, providing an intimate and relaxed learning experience.

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Upcoming Workshops

  • Sat

    Special Session with Ananta Kranti

    3.30 - 5.30pmThe Wilbury Clinic

    This 'batgap' video with Ananta gives a good sense of how, for her, the easy part is pointing people to realise their own true nature, but then she engages in the importance of how to integrate the insight into life.

    Ananta's fascinating story of awakening ripens in 1994 in a Japanese prison during a two and a half year period in silence. Come and hear the full story.

    Open to all interested in their true nature, already seen or ripe to see!

    Just £10 Dana for Ananta (non profit)
    10 places only. first come first served. BOOKING ESSENTIAL

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Upcoming CPD Workshops

Event Information:

  • Sat

    Systemic Ritual, resourcing therapists using shamanic health approaches

    10am - 5pmThe Wilbury Clinic

    Cost: £70

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    Trainer: Leslie Lane

    Finding Resources As A Therapist: This is an experiential workshop where I aim to introduce a few exercises designed to help the therapist feel resourced in their work. In shamanism health is facilitated by being resourced through a proper connection to the world and ancestors. Psychologically speaking, as therapists, we could do well to be aware of what resources we can call on when we are in need of them. In Systemic Ritual we use four different groups of ancestors. One of those groups consists of our "spiritual ancestors" who can come from all kinds of cultures and times. They can be teachers, shamans, healers, doctors, therapists, artists - anyone who contributed to our psychological or spiritual understanding as therapists. We will be working with these resources in the morning using ritual and music. In the afternoon I will introduce exercises aimed at the elucidation of work with specific clients through ritual and constellation. Some of this work will be solitary, but we will also work in pairs and in trios and as a whole group. If you have a rattle or a drum you may wish to bring them along. I derived these exercises from my training in Systemic Ritual, which is a union of Bert Hellinger's Family Constellations and North American Indian shamanic practises.

    Leslie Laine is an Embodied Relational Therapist & Systemic Ritual Practitioner who draws on many strands in his work. He studied Analytical Psychology for 4 years in London and has completed trainings in family constellations, group work and couples therapy. He is currently training in Wild Therapy and undertaking a foundation course in Group Analysis.