PGdip, MBACP Snr Accred

Humanistic / Integrative / Trauma Therapy / Lifespan Integration

Specialisms: Trauma (attachment deficits and sexual abuse), LGBT and gender diversity

Therapeutic Approach: Humanistic/Integrative,Trauma-informed, Lifespan Integration


“When healing is absent in the past, it is impossible to be fully present in the NOW”. My job as a therapist is to facilitate you being fully present here and now.

I have been qualified and working in private practice for over 18 years and over this time have integrated a number of helpful theoretical underpinnings.

Firstly I trust the importance of setting up the conditions for therapy to be effective, this includes regular sessions on the same day at the same time in the same place, at least in the beginning and middle phase of therapy. If damage has been caused through inconsistent or not good enough parenting it is even more important that I provide a different and therefore reparative experience for you.

I will want to gather important information about your life so I can ensure the treatment plan is tailor made for you and so the first one or two sessions may well be gathering information about your life which can lead to us agreeing on the work we want to do together.

Often the next phase is working safely and bringing in the importance and skills to self care. If you have difficulty managing your distress levels we will spend time developing skills and techniques in this area so as to avoid the risk of re traumatising you.

When we are ready to process the material you have bought to therapy, this may happen in a structured way or in a more organic way as needed and often a mixture of the two.

Often the problems and difficulties manifesting in the present are a signpost to unresolved issues in the past. The way I predominantly work in these instances is with an approach called ‘lifespan integration’ which was developed by an American Psychotherapist called Peggy Pace. I have found the healing to be very effective and lasting because the work addresses and heals the neurological as well as the psychological effects of adapting to cope with emotional pain. The work will also have a physical healing effect where pain and trauma is held in the body, in fact the wisdom of the body is a core way to trace back to the root of the pain.

The basis of Lifespan Integration is following the thread from the present to the past and hereby bringing your present adult self to meet your past ‘inner child’ self and offering the un-met needs that were so painfully lacking ‘then’. This is done in a structured way with specific coaching from me, the therapist, to your adult self, in effect coaching your adult self to heal and nurture your child self. it is a bit like time travel. When healing is absent in the past, it is impossible to be fully present in the NOW, this means the life force cannot flow and thrive. This work goes back to THEN and gathers up blocked energy and brings it to the present allowing a more whole and integrated self to be here now. There is interesting research into what is happening in the brain with this work in the upgrading of the neural networks:

This work often needs longer than normal therapy and so up to 90 minute sessions may be needed, you will only be charged for the time the session takes (no more that 90 minutes will be charged for even if the session is longer that that)

LGBT: Vajralila welcomes LGBT clients (and all the shades in between)

Professional Registration: BACP

Cost: £60 pro rata



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