Kate Gillhespy

Kate Gillhespy

BA (Hons), MA

Arts Therapist

Specialisms: Children and young people; families in crisis, adoptive families. Working gently and creatively (with images, stories, drawing, music and play) to access difficult emotional material and find deeper meaning and understanding within it.

Therapeutic Approach: Client led, psychodynamic and psychotherapeutic.


I have extensive experience working in schools as a therapist with children and young people with emotional, behavioural and social difficulties often resulting from trauma, such as abuse or neglect, in early childhood. I work with attachment difficulties and can work closely with families to help support challenging behaviour and bring about change.

I also work with adults who may be looking for a non-judgmental and safe environment where they can explore and come to terms with difficult experiences and challenges in their own lives. This may be manifesting in depression, anxiety or addiction.

For both children and adults, I first take time to meet you where you are. For children this works naturally through play and drawing, where children will always express something of their inner world; their fears, hopes, dreams and worries. For adults, it is similar, and I will look for the symbol and metaphor in the language you use and the images you are drawn to and we can start a conversation.

Professional Registration: Health & Care Professions Council, Arts Therapist, number AS14557

Cost: £40, first session £20

Email: katecreativetherapy@gmail.com