Catarina Campos

Catarina Campos

Cert. Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic Massage Therapist

Specialisms: Biodynamic Massage


I am a Biodynamic Massage therapist, trained at the London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy and presently working in private practice from the Wilbury Clinic. My work experience includes working with MS patients and other neurological conditions for the Sussex Multiple Sclerosis Centre and working privately with clients  in Brighton.


I first became interested in Biodynamic Massage as a client after being diagnosed with a severe and debilitating neck condition. After trying many forms of therapy, from conventional medicine to complementary therapies, and finding that none were helping, I discovered Biodynamic Massage which provided much relief from the pain I was experiencing and made my life functional again.


Biodynamic Massage is a technique used in Body Psychotherapy, to work on processing stress on all the levels in which it impacts: psychological/emotional, musculo-skeletal and visceral. It is ideal for psychosomatic conditions such as headaches, back pain or digestive problems, but it also helps reduce anxiety and increase low mood. Biodynamic Massage is therefore a holistic therapy, which offers clients the opportunity to work on all levels of their experience (physical,  psychological and emotional) or on a particular one, depending on the clients´ needs. In Biodynamic Massage there are several techniques to help achieve physical, mental and emotional recovery and wellbeing. They aim at calming, grounding, reassuring, affirming, containing, soothing or energising. Although Biodynamic Massage can be used in psychotherapy, many times it is sought purely for its relieving massage techniques.


Working as a Biodynamic Massage therapist is a very gratifying and fulfulling experience, where I have the privilege to help clients and witness positive and long-lasting changes.


Apart from massage, I also have a special interest in dance, mindfulness, neuroscience and meditation.

Professional Registration: ABMT (Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists)

Cost: Individual - £45 one off sessions, £40 regular sessions



Mobile: 07901 500 364